Klipriviersberg Sunday Hike and Lunch at Thaba Eco Hotel

It was a pleasant, cool morning in Johannesburg and it soon warmed up. It got quite hot particularly towards the end of the hike.

Klipriviersberg Sunday Hike and Lunch at Thaba Eco Hotel

The nature reserve was lush and green. The ‘Friends of Klipriviersberg’ are doing great work at the nature reserve maintaining and improving the trails particularly on the ‘Sun-bird trail’. Moving huge rocks around and positioning them to prevent soil erosion is not particularly easy. It was sad to see some of the newly placed markers vandalised… Enjoy the trails and leave them the way you found them or improve them if you can.

We had a well attended hike, a great social and needless to state good exercise.

Thanks to all who participated. Thanks to Ilona and Niren for co-hosting and thanks to Billy Jack, Ilona Burski and Martijn Vreugde for the fantastic photos. Join us on the next hike on the 2nd April >


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The enjoyable hike was followed by an enjoyable lunch and social. The ‘Milkshake Group’ is going strong – we will post photos next time round.






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