Kensington – A Walk Through Living History – 11 June 2017

Kensington – A Walk Through Living History - 11 June 2017 K-2017 June 11-Cover

It was  a beautiful winter day in Johannesburg  with blue skies and sunshine.

By arrangement with the Jeppe High School for Girls Principal, Ms Dina Goncalves, the Group visited the historical and renowned Jeppe High School for Girls (over 100 years old) in Kensington. Thanks to Artemis for all the organising.

I would like to thank: all those who participated on the walk; Jan and Isabella for hosting; Artemis, Sylvia and Michelle for the beautiful photos; Ms. Dina Goncalves, the Principal at Jeppe High School for Girls for allowing the Group to visit this great academic Institution and to Paul Vermeulen and his Team at the Kensington Bowling Club for allowing the Group access to the parking, security, the pub and rest-rooms.














Following the walk we had a group of 14 people joining in at the Cut and Craft in Queen Street – we separated into two groups as the restaurant did not have sufficient space to accommodate all of us at one table.  I had a very tasty cappuccino and a decadent but totally delicious slice of chocolate cake – I went rowing earlier that day to ensure I could enjoy chocolate cake afterwards.



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