It Was Good Going Back to Gym

It Was Good Going Back to Gym

It was fantastic being able to go back to gym following an almost 6-month interruption due to the COVID pandemic. Virgin Active re-opened today so I went along for a 40 Km ride.

Staff members were incredibly welcoming. Virgin Active Bedfordview went the extra mile to keep their members and staff safe.

Some of the safety measures include (photos below):

  • Screening: upon arrival I was welcomed by a pleasant lady who took my temperature
  • Good hand hygiene: Hand sanitiser stations are conveniently located throughout the club
  • Social distancing: Virgin Active GRID lines are marked out at reception, in the change-rooms, on the gym floor and in the studios 
  • Using the equipment: Disinfectant spray and paper toweling are provided everywhere. The gym requests that patrons please wipe down one’s equipment before and after use.

Some 20 Kms into the workout, my glasses had condensation and I could not see the performance monitor well so I lowered the mask hoping that I would go unnoticed. It felt great being able to breathe freely again (without a mask). In no time I had a lady next to me saying “Sir, will you please fit your mask properly” … and I did.

Click on image to enlarge:

It was an enjoyable training session. Kudos to Virgin Active. Below my “masterpiece”:

It felt so good that I went for a 6 Km walk afterwards (clear skies, 23°C, humidity 17% – amazing weather…).

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