How you can get a Cover Model Body-Pro Tips from Du Toit Botha

How you can get a Cover Model Body: Pro Tips from Du Toit Botha

Go big or go home. That’s the philosophy of South African Du Toit Botha, South Africa’s Men’s Health Cover Guy Competition runner-up. This full-time personal trainer from Somerset West got to where he is with big compound lifts and hitting the waves on a daily basis. He loves the outdoors, and where better to work out than a place that inspires you to push yourself harder, every time.


It’s weight training in the gym for five days a week with an extra session of surfing or hiking to boost his gains on the weekend.


Eating just three meals a day will slow down your metabolism and will have you craving a sugar high before you even hit lunch. “I eat between five and six. What I do is cut back on portion size – that way my stomach is always working and burning fat.”


The best workout? One that’s fun. Du Toit enjoys the gym, but his real passion is the great outdoors. It doesn’t take much to get him outside.


“The front squat. It’s basically a full upper body”.


“After a hard workout I chow down on some fast absorbing carbs and treat myself to a sports massage or a foam rolling session if I’m strapped for time. Top that off with eight hours of sleep and you’re sorted.”

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