How To Set Up Your Wattbike

How To Set Up Your Wattbike

Saddle Height

  • Stand up next to your bike in your shoes with your heel pushed against the rear stabiliser
  • adjust the saddle so that the top of it is in line with the top of your hip bone
  • when you sit on your saddle make sure that your leg is straight at the bottom of the paddle stroke when you place your heel on the paddle – the amount of bend in your leg should be about 150 – 150 degrees.
  • make a note of the measurement in the seat post so that you can get into the same position next time you use a wattbike.

Saddle Height Fore & Aft Position

  • Adjust the fore & aft position of the saddle
  • with your paddle horizontal and your feet in the pedals, you should be able to drop a plumb line from the tip of your knee cap to the center of the pedal. To do this accurately drop the plumb line to the inside of the shoe.


  • we recommend beginners to have the handlebars roughly leveled with the saddle. You can do this by eye or with a spirit level should you wish to be accurate
  • If you ride a fair bit you may want to lower the handlebars slightly but Wattbike recommends no more than 4 – 10cm below the saddle height.

Handlebars Fore and Aft Position

  • How close or far away they are from the saddle – sit on the saddle with your hands on the bars and your arms straight 
  • the angle between your arms and your torso should be about 90 degrees.
  • if you have the plumb line handy drop it from your elbow, it should fall past the same point in your knee and then through the paddle axle.

The aforementioned suggestions will allow anyone to ride comfortable and safely. 

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