How the Back Pain I had was Treated

For a number of years I did a great deal of long-haul traveling between the United States, Europe and South Africa. On arrival in Johannesburg one day I felt excruciating pain as I raised my suitcase from the carousel.
How the Back Pain I had was Treated
I visited my G.P. and he sent me for X-rays. The X-Rays revealed that 2 of my vertebrae were too close and whenever they touched the intense pain ensued. My GP recommended a physiotherapist. I opted to consult a renowned chiropractor in town.
The chiropractor said that I would be needing a few treatments which included manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints; massage; heat treatment and exercise. He also stated that if there were no remarkable improvements at the end of the treatment he would send me to a surgeon for a possible operation.
I definitely was not interested in any surgery so I searched the internet for exercises. The treatment I received from the chiropractor was effective. I also picked up a couple of useful ideas from the internet as well as suggestions from friends. I have been using these exercises to this day.
The exercises that helped me the most:

  1. Pull-up bar hanging stretch and leg stretch (the most effective)
  2. push-ups and planks

Pull-up Bar Hanging Stretch

Hold for 1 minute on the pull-up bar. Follow with a leg stretch for 1 min. Change legs and hold for another minute. This is 1 set. Do 3 sets!
Should you not have access to a pull-up bar, throw a few towels over the top of a door and hang from there (don’t tell the landlord).
How the Back Pain I had was Treated
How the Back Pain I had was Treated


I do 3 different push-ups as well as the classical plank:
Push-ups with a pause
Push-Up With a Pause
Spiderman push-ups
11. Spiderman Push-Up
Decline push-ups
8. Decline Push-Ups


I do 2 minutes of the classical plank.
Athletes planking - The 6 Most Effective Core Exercises for Distance Athletes
Start with a few reps and increase as you feel comfortable (and as your schedule permits). No need to go to gym for these exercises – you can do them at home.
The aforementioned exercises helped me. I hope they will help you as well.

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