Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

4 thoughts on “How often should one Eat to gain Muscle Mass?

  1. Lewis Pc Law wrote: “Lots at least 3500 cals at the very least i go with 6500 daily then up it to 8000 with shakes keep protein high at least 200gs but more is better”

    1. Travis Mitchell replied to Lewis Pc Law “absolutely do not eat 6000 calories a day. You’re just going to gain excess fat and it will ultimately make cutting that fat harder and take longer. Find your maintenance calories and add 200-500calories on top of that.track your weight and up the calories as weight stalls. That is the most effective way you can go about bulking”

      1. Lewis Pc Law replied: “Just my input guys but ye iv been training for some time . Yes add cals slowly and see how ur body reacts it also depends on which supplements u are using etc etc”

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