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How my Carcinoma was Treated – Part 2

Towards the end of the article ‘How my Carcinoma was Treated‘ I quoted Dr. Brain Sher “the carcinoma is finally dead…” – he stated.

Approximately 8 months later I noticed new growths in areas that had undergone treatment. I returned to Dr. Sher who after tests stated that seedlings had been left behind and they were growing once again. Dr. Sher decided this time to do curettage and cautery for the skin cancer.

Curettage and cautery is used to treat some BCCs and squamous cell carcinoma in situ. I was given a local anesthetic and the Doctor proceeded to scoop out the cancer using a small, sharp, spoon-shaped instrument called a curette. Low-level heat (cautery) was then applied to stop the bleeding and destroy any remaining cancer.

Back at home following curettage and cautery treatment at Dr. Sher’s. Notice how close one of the areas was to the left eye.

Within 4 weeks the wounds had healed. I subsequently returned for a consultation and Dr. Sher was very pleased to inform that I had healthy skin once again and no need to worry going forward.

4 weeks following the treatemnt

Dr. Sher also said that the probability of a recurrence was very low (3-4%). Since my skin type is more prone to sun damage he advised me to wear a good sun-block whenever I am enjoying the great outdoors.

For anyone interested in Dr. Sher’s contact details:
Dr. Brian Sher
Tel: 011 615 7994

My advice? Get a good sun-block, wear a hat and sun glasses whenever out in the sun (cloudy days are as bad!), avoid the sun between 10am and 2pm and should you notice any ‘abnormal’ skin condition don’t wait – consult a competent dermatologist.

Stay healthy!

How my Carcinoma was Treated - Part 2
Enjoying hiking once again

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