Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – Geology

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve
On top of Lookout Point#1 looking eastward. The Klip River in the foreground.

The Klipriviersberg koppies are formed by rocks that rank amongst the most ancient in the world. A further feature is the thickness of these rocks. They can go down to a depth of 2Km.
The rocks were created by an outpouring of basaltic lava some 2.3 billion years ago. The lava covered the even older sedimentary deposits of the Witwatersrand. Prior to this eruption the Witwatersrand sedimentation had taken some 250 million years to deposit. When you next visit the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve spare a moment to consider the very ancient ground you are standing on…
Photo credit: Julio Carrancho and Tony Ferreira.

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