Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Klipriviersberg-Calories Burnt

Hiking Klipriviersberg Johannesburg-2

Want to Stay Fit? You Burn 1170 calories on a Klipriviersberg Hike!
A 15K hike at Klipriviersberg will set your flab back by 1170 calories. Do you need more (good) reasons for you to join our hikes and walks at Kliprivierberg? This beautiful Nature Reserve is situated in Johannesburg (no need to drive far) and you are in the company of fantastic people.
We also have a 12K hike and a 5K walk. The images below were courtesy of Loretta and Saima.
Klipriviersberg-Calories Burnt
Klipriviersberg-Calories Burnt
We hike and walk at Klipriviersberg on the 1st Sunday every month. Join us!

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