Hiking Klipriviersberg Johannesburg

If you enjoy the great outdoors, keeping fit and be in the company of nice people this monthly hike at the beautiful Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve just South of Johannesburg is for you.

In order to accommodate everyone we have 3 groups:

• the 5Km walk at a slow, relaxed pace;
• the 11 and 13kms hikes at a faster pace for a healthy and invigorating workout.

Based on your fitness level you may wish to choose to walk with the 5Km group or do the hike with the 11Km or the 13Km group.

Bring the kiddies and bring your parents too!

The Nature Reserve

The 650ha Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, just 10km south of downtown Johannesburg, is an oasis of calm amid the bustle of the city. Among the largest nature reserves in the Johannesburg metropolitan area, Klipriviersberg (Afrikaans for “stone river mountain”) was proclaimed in 1984 to preserve the area’s rich biodiversity and archaeological sites.

Hiking is the main activity in the Reserve. The hiking trails are scenic and vary in distance and in degree of difficulty.

The reserve is home to more than 600 plant and 150 bird species. Zebra, red hartebeest, black wildebeest, blesbok, duiker, springbok and mountain reedbuck roam freely in the reserve.

Unique artifacts and ancient dwellings have been discovered in the reserve. Nineteen stone-walled Iron Age settlements have been identified, along with 90 sites that suggest a large pastoral settlement in the area.

Excavations have revealed signs of agrarian production, the rearing of cattle and goats, and hunting, while the remains of a village provide evidence of an early Batswana community that lived on the koppies in the area. The ruins of a house, built in 1850 by voortrekker Sarel Marais, are also a point of interest in the reserve.

What to bring

Something to drink and something to eat, a hat, sunblock and good shoes – and a camera to record the occasion! A degree of fitness will enable you to enjoy the hike.

These Sunday morning hikes at Klipriviersberg are always fun.



Safety – please take the relevant safety precautions

Turn on the car alarm; close the windows and lock your vehicle’s doors; don’t leave valuables inside your vehicle. Should there be issues pls report to one of the Organisers.


  • The Reserve is open to the public from sunrise to sunset seven days a week.

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