Go Row Indoor Technique Video – British Rowing

“Indoor rowing is one of the best ways to get fit and keep fit” Alex Gregory, MBE, a two-time Olympic Gold medallist.

British Rowing

  • at the start of the stroke ensure that your shins are vertical
  • have your damper at number 5 or even 4 only
  • bring the screen to eye-level

Get ready for the drive

  • the movement is: legs followed by body and then followed by the arms. ‘Legs – Body – Arms’
  • keep the arms straight for as long as possible
  • the finishing position is at about 11 o’clock, with the hands at the base of the ribs.

The recovery

Use it as the name suggests i.e. as recovery. It is an opportunity to rest and breath before you take the next stroke.

  • the movement this time is: arms, body, legs
  • get your arms straight, hands over the knees before the legs move up
  • you want to be finishing at the 1 o’clock position
  • 11 o’clock at the back and 1 o’clock at the front.

Note: Recovery should take twice as long as the drive.

Go Row Indoor Technique
During day eight of the FISA Rowing World Championships at Lake Bled in Bled, Slovenia.

Source: Go Row Indoor technique video

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