Fitness Equalizer Bars

Fitness Equalizer Bars
I purchased a set of Fitness Equalizer Bars. They are readily available at Amazon. One set includes 2 bars.
These Fitness Equalizer Bars have an incredible amount of features:

  • sturdy yet light-weight
  • you can use them anywhere: in your home, office, gym or you can place them in the boot of your car and take them to the park
  • you can do a huge variety of exercises.

The dimensions of my Equalizer bars are:

  • Height: 0.71m (2′ 4″)
  • Width: 0.6m (1′ 12″)

I am 1,76m (5′ 9″) tall and I can easily move my body under and around each bar.

If you are into advanced exercises on Fitness Equalizer Bars then the following video will inspire you:

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