Fight Cancer AND Heart Disease at the same Time

Protect your heart and you’ll keep away cancer, too.
People who follow at least six items on the American Heart Association (AHA) list of seven heart-healthy guidelines can cut their cancer risk by 51 percent.
Send both packing with these 7 simple tips:

  • keep on sweating – yes, guys and gals make sure you break a sweat
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • keep a healthy diet
  • control your cholesterol
  • keep your blood pressure low
  • reduce your blood sugar
  • don’t smoke

Hiking with us at Klipriviersberg will enable you to: break a sweat (particularly in summer), contribute to a healthy weight and keep your cholesterol in check. First  Sunday of the month – join us! If you are not able to, join your local walking/ exercise group or do it on your own. Have fun!
Read the full article here: Fight Cancer AND Heart Disease at Once

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