DOfit Fitness Tracker, Veryfit and Google Fit

DOfit Fitness Tracker, VeryFit and Google Fit

I was interested in purchasing a Fitness Tracker*. There are many fitness trackers on the market. I needed one that would provide the following basic functions for:

1) Walking, Running and Hiking

  • Step pedometer
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories burnt

2) Strength Training

  • Time
  • Calories burnt

DOfit is presently the least expensive tracker on the S.A. market. Action Gear sells them for R519 (US$38.66). You will find even lower prices on Amazon.

The DOfit tracker has all the features I was looking for and more:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Step counter
  • Distance measure
  • Calories burnt
  • Sleep monitor
  • Time display/watch
  • Call alert
  • SMS alert
  • Find your phone
  • Remote shutter
  • Stationary alert
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear

So… yesterday I purchased my DOfit Fitness Tracker at Incredible Connection Eastgate and I am glad I did because one of the advantages of purchasing something at a walk-in store is the possibility of getting an answer from a member of the technical team should you have a query.

The recommended App for the DOfit trackers is Veryfit 2.0 – you will be able to install it by visiting Google Play. Veryfit 2.0 is free.

Once you install Veryfit 2.0 on your smartphone, go to the ‘User’ tab and enable ‘Google Fit‘. Google Fit is free.

On my working desk I have my desktop computer, smartphone and the DOfit Fitness Tracker in close proximity. The ‘Bluetooth’ is tuned on, on my smartphone so the 3 devices communicate (they are in ‘sync’).

On your desk-top go to: and follow the prompts. Install the app on your smartphone and you will additionally have access to Google Fit on your computer. Google Fit has many features including helping you set-up objectives, track stats and more.

Please Note: This morning I went for a run to test my new DOfit fitness tracker. I did not carry my smartphone with me. When I returned home all the data was immediately transferred to the Veryfit app on my smartphone BUT it was not transferred to my Google Fit. I had to manually enter the data on my Google Fit.

Should you wish to have the data on your DOfit fitness tracker automatically transferred to both your smartphone AS WELL AS your Google Fit then whenever you exercise you have to have both the DOfit fitness tracker on your wrist and your smartphone anywhere on you (in an armband, running belt or in your pocket). 

Smartphone Armband/ Cellphone Holder: R65 (US$4.82) at TakeaLot. R99 (US$7.31) at TotalSports. From US$5.89 on Amazon.

Activity Run Belt at TotalSports and Running Belt on Amazon.

I am super happy with my DOfit fitness tracker, Veryfit app (on my smartphone) and Google Fit (on my computer). I won’t be wearing them for sleep monitoring but I will surely wear both the fitness tracker and smartphone whenever I exercise.

Below the Stats for this morning’s run (the ‘calories’ values are not syncing – a technical glitch of sorts and I will keep an eye on them going forward). I am pleased with all the other values.

[Click on any screenshot to enlarge it]


DOfit Fitness Tracker, VeryFit and Google Fit 4


DOfit Fitness Tracker, VeryFit and Google Fit

*I have been considering buying a Fitness Tracker for quite some time and I would like to thank David Goodman, Jan Whitehead, Kerry Holmes, Maurice Bardot and Niren Singh for their input.


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