Dad turned 97

Dad, congratulations on your 97th Birthday👏🍰🎈

Due to succeeding COVID lockdowns my dad hadn’t been out for about 8 months. The day of his birthday (24th of July) was going to be different. Our friend Elisabeth Serrao had prepared a most delicious meal and she and her family were going to give dad a surprise party. But first we stopped at Mr. Armando, his longtime friend and barber.

At my sister Elisabeth’s home we enjoyed a most delicious luncheon comprising my dad’s favourites: sopa de caldo verde (kale soup), bacalhau à Gomes de Sá (Portuguese cod recipe), pudim de leite (Portuguese style flan pudding) and carrot cake. When you next visit a Portuguese restaurant try the aforementioned – you will thank me afterwards. It was such a pleasant meal and social. With the exception of young Wyatt we had all been vaccinated against COVID.

Two days later our friends and neighbours Jan and Artemis plus their two Yorkshire Terries ‘Buddy’ and ‘Holly’ joined us on a 0.8Km walk. It was a 20 minute walk. Not bad for a “young” 97-year old?

Dad turned 97
After action… satisfaction. Dad did a 0.8km is 20 minutes🙂

I had the very good fortunate of having Celina Almeida, brother and sisters and their parents as neighbours some 55 years ago (oops… I am giving my ‘young’ age away). How blessed a person is to have friends and even more so when they are lifelong friendships. Celina’s voice note was a ‘Happy Birthday’ in Portuguese. Do you agree that Celina has a beautiful voice? A voice note all the way from beautiful Algarve (South of Portugal):

Beautiful👏👏. Thank you so much Celina and thank you all for the messages of good wishes.

Well done dad👏👍👌💪🎂🎈The countdown to 100 has begun😎

4 thoughts on “Dad turned 97”

    1. Thank you very much Caroline. I agree, I hope we can all reach that age and still be able to move around (without much pain). Take care Caroline.

  1. Eileen and I feel privileged to have been part of your Dad’s birthday celebration, Tony. Even if it was 10K km away. Please congratulate him from us. Blessings Eileen and Peter.

    1. Ten thousand kilometers… yet it is as if you and Eileen were here with us. Thank you so much for the good wishes. Greetings from a very cold Johannesburg.

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