Crossfit WOD Run and Squat

Crossfit WOD Run and Squat

I have done many marathons and ultra-marathons in years gone by and I still enjoy a 10K run whenever time permits. After reading a couple of articles about CrossFit and learning how effective it can be as a full body workout I decided to try my first Run and Squat today.

There are track fields at a private school near my home but they are for students and staff of the school. There are also lovely hills in the vicinity and one of the roads in our suburb goes through hills and valleys – really pretty.

I could not stick to the ‘400m + 50 squats x 4’ format due to the fact that I was not on a track field. Nonetheless I covered a total distance of about 2K and I did the 50 squats X 4.

Surprisingly I was able to do each of the 50 squat sets without much difficulty even though at a lower rate than the one on the video below. As you do your second set or squats you really feel you are having a full-body workout.

The guys on the video are super-fit and I am just average. But I definitely enjoyed the training and will try to do a ‘Run-n’Squat’ once a week.

On the video the best time for CrossFit Track WOD ‘400m + 50 squats x 4’ is 9.44 minutes – amazing!! (I won’t tell my time as it would be embarrassing).

Ladies and gentlemen, try it sometime, you might enjoy it as well.

Note: WOD = Workout of the Day

Crossfit WOD Run and Squat


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