COVID Vaccinations - Israel and Emirates Leading the World

COVID Vaccinations – Israel and Emirates Leading the World

What the implications are for Israel and the United Arab Emirates:

A drastic increase in population immunity against COVID
Israel and the the United Arab Emirates position themselves as prime business and leisure travel destinations – who doesn’t want to visit a country where one can feel safe?

Israel has been the global leader in vaccinating its population against COVID-19, followed by the United Arab Emirates. More than half of the Israeli population has been at least partially vaccinated. The country’s well-trained health care providers and a digitized community-based health system that can identify high-risk persons have been major factors in the success. The country also has a tradition of periodic emergency preparedness exercises.

The United Arab Emirates hasn’t been far behind. It has about the same population as Israel and contributes its rapid vaccination pace to coordinated government action, strong leadership, public awareness campaigns, and simple vaccination registration procedures using a Health Ministry app.

As the saying goes:

Don’t Hesitate – Vaccinate!

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3 thoughts on “COVID Vaccinations – Israel and Emirates Leading the World”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friends who have passed away from COVID, Tony. The two countries highlighted in the post are success stories. Very sad what is happening in many other countries. I’m a bit surprised to see Canada on the map showing the same rate at the United States. I know we are quite far behind them, but I guess the range is wide. All the best to you.

    1. Thank you Caroline. It was very sad and tragic. Let’s hope that vaccinations can be administered in sufficiently large quantities and fast enough to achieve ‘herd immunization’ around the world. Thanks for the good wishes. Keep fit and stay safe Caroline.

  2. I had two friends who passed away with COVID. They had not been vaccinated. Friends of mine in the UK and in the USA have all been vaccinated. Thankfully none has passed away. I don’t know what the long-term implications of the COVID vaccines are but I will get the COVID jab as soon as COVID vaccines are available in South Africa – the country has been slow to secure vaccines, with just over 230,000 people inoculated so far (population 60 million).

Looking forward to your comment

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