Concept2 Myths Busted

Myth #1: Rowing is only an upper body workout. Rowing involves every large muscle group in the body. The legs are the

13 Benefits of Weightlifting That No One Tells You About

Research shows that not only can weightlifting improve your body composition and give you a toned appearance, it can also

How To Set Up Your Wattbike

Saddle Height Stand up next to your bike in your shoes with your heel pushed against the rear stabiliser adjust

How to Display a Summary of your Intervals Workout on a Concept 2 Indoor Rower

Following a Variable Intervals session this morning I needed to display a summary of the Intervals workout (totaling 10,5 Km)

Setting Up a Variable Interval Workout on a Concept2 Indoor Rower or SkiErg

It is easy to setup a variable Interval Workout on a Concept2 Indoor Rower or SkiErg and in doing so

Setting Up a Distance Interval Workout on a Concept2 Indoor Rower or SkiErg

Press any key > Workout > New Workout > Intervals > Intervals: Distance On the Main Menu, choose Select Workout. Select New

Greg Rutherford discovers whether he could make it as a rower

SAS Analytics, Britsih Rowing official data analytics partner, brought together Greg Rutherford and Morgan Lake to see if they had

Do-It-Yourself German Cycle Tour-FAQ

Posted by carolinehelbig Mike’s bike along the Rhine Cycle Route I’ve had lots of questions about how we went about planning

What is tapering and how to do it?

GB Rowing Team Paralympic Pathway Talent ID and Invictus Games Coach Hannah Lawton explains What is tapering? “Most people don’t

Graham Benton answers your indoor rowing questions

Indoor rowing pro Graham Benton took over the British Rowing Instagram account to answer your questions. Graham Benton competing at