Rowing – Concept2 Australia

Rowing is a full body exercise that develops aerobic power, strength and endurance. It is impact-free and an effective way

500m Split – What does it Mean?

For the on-water rowing community, the common measure of pace is generally “time per 500 meters,” which can be more

Learn to Row – How to Scull

Two great videos by two experienced rowers if you are interested in learning to scull: How to Set Up Your

Learn to Row – Capsize and Recovery

How to Get Back into Your Scull after Flipping Learn how to get back into your scull — swiftly and

Rowing – It's cold out there…

How beautiful: #rowing in #chester. Want to go there too #rudern #aviron WEROW Life‏ @WEROW_Life  Jan 16 With cold weather forecast

More than Passion


Training with Olympic Champion Mahé Drysdale

Olympic Champion Mahé Drysdale: 5x World Champion 2x Olympic Champion always has new goals to achive and loves the competition

Deutschland-Achter Men´s Eight – Final – 2017 World Rowing Championships

The German 8: the dominant force in the eight in 2017 They set the world’s best time The fastest crew

How to get a back and shoulders like an Olympic rower

Most rowers have huge backs. Each and every muscle trained to propel a boat down the river in a constant,

Rowers – muscly all around – shoulders and arms