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Sunday Hiking and Walk-Klipriviersberg­ Nature Reserve (5K Walk; 11K and 13K Hikes) – 4 June 2017

It was a fantastic winter day in Johannesburg. Cold in the early morning 4C (39F) and it gradually warmed up to 22C (71.6F). Blue skies throughout – needless to state we all enjoyed… Continue reading

How to Build a Better Butt

1/23 Booty Boot Camp If you feel your “rear view” needs a makeover, the right fitness routine can help give you a lift. Can you achieve the “perfect” Brazilian beach butt seen on… Continue reading

Hiking Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – Sunday Hike and Lunch 7 May 2017

We had a beautiful day in Johannesburg yesterday and to think that I got grounded due to a bad cold… The 4 Hosts were down to 2 as Niren was also not able… Continue reading

Hiking Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – Sunday Hike and Lunch 2 April 2017

It was a glorious Autumn morning in Johannesburg: blue skies and a pleasant 19C (66F). The morning quickly warmed up and it was HOT by the time we completed the hike (30C –… Continue reading

12 Workouts to Improve your Mood

By nature, humans are moody creatures. And as much as we’d love to feel good and be happy all the time, it’s not always possible. Sometimes we’re anxious, distracted, sad, angry, exhausted, anxious… Continue reading

How you can get a Cover Model Body: Pro Tips from Du Toit Botha

Go big or go home. That’s the philosophy of South African Du Toit Botha, South Africa’s Men’s Health Cover Guy Competition runner-up. This full-time personal trainer from Somerset West got to where he… Continue reading

Klipriviersberg Sunday Hike and Lunch at Thaba Eco Hotel

It was a pleasant, cool morning in Johannesburg and it soon warmed up. It got quite hot particularly towards the end of the hike. The nature reserve was lush and green. The ‘Friends… Continue reading

The Walter Sisulu Trail Walking and Sunday Brunch

The Walter Sisulu Trail Walking and Sunday Brunch at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens Thanks to everyone who participated, to Hester for Hosting and to Annette Odendaal and Teresa for the fantastic photos.… Continue reading

Klipriviersberg Sunday Hike and Lunch at Thaba Eco Hotel – 5 Feb 2017

It was a cool and cloudy morning in Johannnesburg. There were 19 people in our initial group which was divided into the 11.5Km ‘fit’ group and the 13.5Km ‘super-fit’(?) group. There was no… Continue reading

How Much Water Should You Drink?

You should drink at least eight glasses of water per day? There’s no evidence to back that up. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men get about 125 ounces of water daily and… Continue reading

Hiking Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – Sunday Hike and Lunch 6 November 2016

It was a cloudy, windy day in Johannesburg with a promise of rain but in the end we enjoyed a very pleasant hike. It was nice meeting friends and making new friends. Thanks… Continue reading

Kensington – A Walk Through Living History – October 16, 2016

Another glorious day in Johannesburg: neither cold nor too hot – ideal for walking. Nice people to walk with and great sites. Thanks to Paul Vermeulen and the Kensington Club for allowing us… Continue reading

Hiking Benefits Heart, Mind, and Body

Striding along a trail boosts your spirits, sharpens your concentration, and gives a good workout. Hiking outdoors has plenty of perks: nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature.Hiking is… Continue reading

Sunday Hike – Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – 2016 Oct 2

We had quite a large group (18 hikers on the 13.5Km and 14 hikers on the 11,5Km group). As always it was great meeting “old” friends and making new ones. Bienvenue to our… Continue reading

The Top 5 Post-Workout Snacks for Runners 

Beyond hitting all your scheduled workouts, there are other components of your running plan that are every bit as crucial, including stretching, strength training and nutrition. To improve both your race times and… Continue reading