Sun. May 24th, 2020

2 thoughts on “All about Honey

  1. Vivian emailed me back and I am taking the liberty of posting it here: “And do you know the scam about honey? The world consumes over 3 times the amount made every year by bees.. The Chinese are diluting it with corn sugar and reselling it back. So check where you buy your honey. Very important to find a proper apiarist who also doesn’t radiate it. And it’s toxic when heated. Regards, Viv”

    1. Hi Viv, I purchase my honey at Food Lovers Market. The label states: “GUARANTEED – Natural Honey therefore not irradiated”. I cannot understand how any grocery store/ retailer can be so unscrupulous/ unethical as to sell “Honey Blend” ( it would be interesting to find out what goes into the “blend”) and yes, there are retailers that do sell “Honey Blend”… very tragic indeed!

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