A Walk in Bedfordview during Lockdown - 3 July 2021

A Walk in Bedfordview during Lockdown – 3 July 2021

Johannesburg must surely have the best winter weather in the world. It gets cold at night – the temperature can drop to below 0C (32F) but we have beautiful sunny days. Today it was 22C (72F), 18% humidity and 5 km/h wind – unreal😎 I did my 8Km walk, burnt 790 calories and enjoyed the outdoors but missed my walking buddies. We are in the midst of the 3rd wave and lockdown. The lockdown includes no gatherings, restaurants can only provide takeaways, a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine…), gyms are closed, etc… COVID has resulted in loss of life, loss of income, much pain and economic devastation for all.

The lights were on inside Doppio Zero restaurant but it had no patrons. Doppio Zero is normally abuzz on an early Saturday afternoon. Sad seeing it empty.

A Walk in Bedfordview during Lockdown - 3 July 2021
Doppio Zero is normally abuzz on a Saturday. Sad seeing it empty.

Van Buuren is tree lined with paving on both sides and this is a great place to walk and run all year round.

Kloof road is not that great for walking as the pavement is narrow at places and it also has too much traffic. It is pleasant to drive through though as it has beautiful houses.

Tashas restaurant… On a ‘normal’ day one waits in a queue for a table but no patrons this time in fact the restaurant was closed. Businesses are struggling all over.

I needed some groceries so walked into the new Checkers at Village View Bedfordview and wow what a store! It is functional and beautifully designed providing a great shopping experience.


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