A 70 Km Ride Followed by Chocolate Cake

A 70 Km Ride Followed by Chocolate Cake

This was the longest Wattbike ride I have done this far and to celebrate I enjoyed the biggest slice of chocolate cake I could find.

If you do Wattbiking I strongly recommend your download the App – to find out more visit the Wattbike Hub and Wattbike.com. You will obtain much useful data w.r.t. your performance.

Power/ Cadence

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Time in Zones and Leg Balance

Total Sessions, Distance and Time


Strava is an App everyone should use particularly if you are involved in cycling, walking, running, hiking, skiing and other activities.

Following the workout I enjoyed a light lunch of pasta with breast of chicken and ended with green tea and chocolate cake.

It looked great and it tasted even better. Just a little bit of a guilty feeling afterwards.

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