87 Years Young Walt Axthelm Enjoys a Daily Workout

87 Years Young Walt Axthelm Enjoys a Daily Workout

Walt Axthelm is 87 years old (on 2020 December 14). As far as Walt is concerned, age is but a number: Walt is an all-weather athlete and he enjoys skiing, cycling (both outdoor and indoor), indoor rowing, walking and hiking.

Walt is originally from Lopez Island, Washington but now lives in Durango, Colorado. He is a former Contract Engineer at Boeing working in commercial and military aircraft and a former Partner at Triumph Suzuki Motors. Motorcycles have been a passion for some 30 years including both motocross and desert.

I do workout almost every day. I use how I feel and my heart rate as a guide, if its slower to elevate it’s a recovery day.

I have worked out much of my life with a 10 year period that I worked for Boeing on a program at 12 hrs a day. In that time my weight ballooned up to 230 pounds (140 Kg). I hated myself. I have worked on it for years and am now back to 157 (71 Kg). Best for my cycling especially here in Durango cause every ride is up. I live at 6800 ft (2,073 m) and 1 of our annual events crosses 2 passes over 10,000 ft (3,048 m).

I will continue as long as I can to maintain a good quality of life. 

My goal is to reach 90 and still compete in Senior Games/ Master Events.

It has been a challenge lately with this COVID virus but I try to be smart at my age.

Be safe & healthy

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