52 Mountain Climber Variations

On this video BJ Gaddour demonstrates 52 Mountain Climber variations: Slow Tempo, Continuous Tempo, Speed Switch Tempo, Running, Plank, Uneven Plank, Side Plank, Back Plank, Spider, Plyo Spider, Low Over Jumping, Jumping, Slalom, Low Spider Switches, Jumping Sumo, Cross-Body, Grasshopper, Twisting, Diagonal, Side-to-Side, Semi-Circle, Pushup, Hand-to-Knee, Pushup Row Isometric, Wide-Grip, Close-Grip, Staggered-Grip, Uneven Grip, Archer, L-Arm, Hands-Elevated, Feet-Elevated, Airborne, Sliding, Band-Resisted, Slide and Band-Resisted, Med-Ball, Uneven Med-Ball, Double Med-Ball, Stability Ball, Kettlebed Bottoms-Up, Burpee, Dip Climber, Dip, Dead Hang Climber, Flexed Hang Climber, Twisting Hang, Feet-to-Wall, TRX, Elevated Feet-to-Wall and Band-Resisted Push-Ups.

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