30000 m - My Longest Row

30000 m – My Longest Row

My total meters for this challenge now stands at 100,000 m. The 30,000 m today was the longest row I have done🚣‍♂️ Good seeing everyone in the Ailish Sheehan All Stars Team doing well. The Team has so far rowed a total 693,147 m. Congratulations to everyone in the Team particularly to Daniel Kendall, Daphne Scott and Mary Hillman. Daniel heads the leaderboard with an impressive 202,000 m.

As far as the Fall Team Challenge is concerned, there are 7015 competitors who have so far covered a total distance of 279,203,343 m.


  • Total calories today: 1674

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30000 m - My Longest Row

Workout Graph and Splits

30000 m - My Longest Row

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