You Can’t Muscle Up: Are you lacking Technique Or Power?

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Top of a muscle up

When I got my first kipped and chicken winged muscle up I thought I was the man. I wanted to write a tutorial on mastering the muscle up; I wanted to do it everywhere – swing parks, scaffolding, goal posts……whatever.

Around the time I remember listening to a podcast with Al Kavadlo. On that podcast I clearly remember Al saying there’s a difference between a pistol squat and a perfect pistol squat; same goes for muscle ups. Back then it didn’t make much sense. I was under the spell of thinking once you can do a muscle up (with whatever form), you can then try more advanced stuff – think close grip muscle ups, weighted muscle ups etc…..

Image result for al kavadlo muscle up

( – Al demonstrates an ‘X’ grip muscle up)

It’s an arrogant line of thinking and one that’s never shaken without investment of time. Making mistakes, falling in shit and hurting yourself…

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