Sunday Hiking and Walking – Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – 3 June 2018

Sunday Hiking and Walking - Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve - 3 June 2018

A beautiful sunny day. Chilly at first 3C (37.4F) at 5am gradually warming up to 20C (68F) by midday. No wind and clear blue skies throughout. It was a small and fit group so we were able to cover the 12Kms in just under 3h 30mins. We saw zebra, blesbok and quite a number of springbok. The green is rapidly disappearing from the Nature Reserve as winter sets in. There were already a few patches covered in frost.

It was a welcome home to Niren. It was interesting listening to Niren telling us about his adventures in Qatar, Morocco, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and other European countries he visited on his latest trip.

Subsequent to the hike we went to Thaba Eco Hotel for a tasty lunch. The ‘Milkshake Club’ continues strong – nothing beats a well prepared milkshake after a long hike.

CN, a South Korean lady who was based in Johannesburg for 2 years used to say that flowers in Johannesburg bloom all year round. Flowers were indeed blooming everywhere in the manicured gardens of Thaba Eco Hotel… beautiful flowers in early winter… A visit to the Sinzinani Spa anyone?

Thanks to all who participated. Thanks to co-Hosts Jan, Ilona and Niren. We had a most enjoyable outing, a good workout and a great social.