The Keto Diet

Bones To Bulk

bones to bulk Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

If you’ve even peeked at anything fitness related in the last six months, chances are you’ve heard about the Keto diet. It’s all the rage. Equally so you will find people on both sides of the fence with the Keto diet. Some adamantly for it, while others will trash it. So who do you believe? What is going to get you in shape?

If you don’t know what Keto is, it’s removing all carbs from your diet and consuming only proteins and fats. I know people who have had some success with this, so I’m not going to try and convince you it doesn’t work.

skinny to buff Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

But I do want to offer some more information on it. First off, our bodies need the energy from healthy whole grains and complex carbs to maintain an active lifestyle.

Now don’t…

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