Snowshoeing in Whistler’s Callaghan Valley and Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains

Snowshoeing in Whistler's Callaghan Valley and Vancouver's North Shore Mountains


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20180127_165015 Snowshoeing in West Vancouver’s Cypress Provincial Park—C.Helbig

There is one silver lining to the incessant rainfall in Vancouver: snow in the mountains, and lots of it! A couple of weeks ago, Whistler had 79 cm  (31 inches) within 24 hours. Our local mountains too, just a 15 minute drive from my rain-soaked abode, have piles of the white stuff. This makes me very happy! During the last few weeks I’ve snowshoed at Whistler’s Callaghan Valley and on the North Shore mountains, in West Vancouver’s Cypress Provincial Park. They were very different experiences, from trailblazing in hip-deep snow to a gentle jaunt in a winter wonderland.

Trailblazing at Whistler’s Callaghan Valley 

Friends and I were in Whistler for a downhill ski weekend but plans changed on our last day when there was too much snow. That’s right…too much snow! The extensive avalanche control caused delays in lift openings, and upper lifts…

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