Guide to Sculling with Team Australia

  • The crew dynamic: how quickly can you pick up the moves of the guys around you
  • sculling is mechanics; it is repetitive; you have to be as smooth as possible
  • every stroke counts, every session counts, every day counts… you need to have the ability to shut down and focus on what will make the boat go faster
  • you need to be good: training in the gym is part of the mix
  • rowing is a strength and endurance sport, one has to deal with lactic acid and one has to try and maintain a high aerobic threshold
  • a race in a Quad goes on for some 5 and a half minutes and one is operating at max. or close to as max intensity as one possibly can
  • critical components of rowing: working on one’s skill; teamwork; mastering the equipment
  • Quad: 14m length; weight: 52Kg; rowing oar: 2.91cm;
  • Pro rowing teams have a morning and an afternoon session on the water as well as gym training
  • you want to row fast not hard!

Guide to Sculling with Team Australia