Testing my Maxes: L Sits and Pull Ups!

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Following on from Wednesday’s testing of Skin The Cats & Handstand Push ups, it was time to test my L-sit and Pull up, as part of Calisthenic Movement’s level 5 program.

Originally it was supposed to be L-sit and pistol squats but my legs just weren’t having that today, thanks to some decent amount of mobility work done in the sun yesterday. The legs and glutes were feeling sore and stiff so I opted to substitute pistols for one of the 2 moves on the final test day; the mighty pull up.

The L-sit is one of my stronger moves. Previously (7 weeks ago) I managed 41 seconds. I do my L-sits on a set of cheap push up handles I have. The benefit of using these over dip bars or parallettes is they allow much less room for cheating. If your feet sag too much, you hit the…

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