10K Run, Bedfordview – 2018 Sept 16

10K Run, Bedfordview - 2018 Sept 16
Van Buuren Road is beautiful all year round

The winter is over so be sure to enjoy the fantastic weather and the great outdoors. This morning it was perfect weather for running (and for any other outdoor activity).
Van Buuren Road in Bedfordview is ideal for running all year round. In winter there is sunshine all day long and in summer you run in the shade as the road is tree lined both sides along its entire route. On the paved area both sides of Van Buuren Road you will meet other runners, people walking on their own or with friends or walking their dogs. From time to time, groups of cyclists dash down the road.
In order for me to complete the 10kms, I had to run up and down Townsend street 3 times: every time that hill just got steeper…
Afterwards I stopped at Bem Bom for refueling: a tasty prego (a fresh bread roll with a thin slice of beef and a fried egg) and filter coffee.

From the bottom of Townsend Road looking up

Much easier running down Townsend Road

James, a gentleman working as security for one of the households asked to have his photo taken. James, you look cool, Sir!

Flowers blooming everywhere

Fait accompli!!

Refueling at Bem Bom Restaurant in Bedfordview. My body consumed 955 calories during the 10K run so I had to replenish some of the calories.

More Stats from Strava (click on this screenshot to enlarge it)

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