Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

10 Most Popular Blog Posts – 2022


Very pleased to announce the ’10 Most Popular Blog Posts for 2022′. A few interesting facts:

The most popular blog post in 2022 is ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan’ with 3943 page views over the past 12 months. It has remained the No 1 blog post for the past 3 years with a total of 26935 page views!

Strength Training remains the most popular category with 6 posts in the top 10 thus eclipsing activities such as cycling, hiking and rowing.

A few posts were published on COVID but none made it to the top 10. Within infectious diseases, ironically, the Monkeypox blog post was one of the most read articles positioning itself at number 10.

And where are the visitors coming from? Most visitors come from the United States, followed by South Africa, the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, Finland, Portugal, Germany and Ireland.

    The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts for the Past 12 Months

    No 10: Monkeypox – What is, Symptoms and Treatment

    321 page views

    A rare illness in the same family as smallpox, it happens when you’re infected with the monkeypox virus. Scientists first noticed the disease in 1958 in a group of lab monkeys used for research. Read post >

    No 9: 400-Rep Juggernaut Circuit Workout – Mike Vazquez

    323 page views

    8 exercises, a total of 50 reps each => total 400 reps. No rest between exercises – challenging but fun! Read post >

    No 8: An Interview with Sven Kohl of Calisthenic Movement

    334 page views

     I quit my job and started Calisthenic Movement. Read post >

    No 7: How To Meal Prep For The Entire Week-Bodybuilding Shredding Diet Meal Plan For Men and Women

    337 page views

    Meal designed for men and women who want to cut body fat and build lean muscle mass. Read post >

    No 6: Parallel Bars – Upper Body Workout

    413 page views

    This Parallel Bars Workout routine by Luca Trainer. Read post >

    No 5: Back Workout with Parallel Bars

    426 page views

    A great back workout with Parallel Bars. Read post >

    No 4: The Barbell Glute Bridge and the Dumbbell Glute Bridge

    462 page views

    Whether you do the Barbell Glute Bridge or the Dumbbell Glute Bridge the results are the same – this exercise will strengthen your glutes, core, hamstrings and quads. Read post >

    No 3: Rafael Nadal Diet Plan and Workout Routine

    631 page views

    Rafael Nadal follows a healthy and balanced diet. He usually eats meat when he feels like it, actively hates cheese, and apparently loads up on fruits and veggies when given the chance. He’s also a great lover of olives. Read post >

    No 2: How to Gain Muscle Mass at Home Fast

    2306 page views

    Don’t use training at home as an excuse for lack of muscle building progress. While it may be easier to switch up your routine and include a wider variety of exercises at a gym, there’s no reason why you can’t build muscle at home. Read post >

    No 1: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

    3943 page views

    Cristiano Ronaldo, commonly known as CR7, is one of the most skillful soccer players of the modern era. The Portuguese superstar has immense love for fitness, which combined with his crazy work ethic has produced his incredibly athletic physique. Read post >


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